12 More Progressive Rock Bands

Prog rock bands

Progressive rock sent a wave through the music world in the late 60’s and still has many fans today who enjoy the music. These influential progressive bands grew their fan base by showing their talents and creating unique sounds within the genre.

12. Procol Harum

This progressive rock band formed in 1967 and had since created a great following by incorporating symphonic rock into the progressive sound. Their music also capitalizes on the wonderful sounds of soul, R&B, and the blues. With this combination of talents, they gained a great following. One of their best albums was A Whiter Shade of Pale.

11. Transatlantic

This progressive band had continued through the years to create great sounds. The band formed in 1999, later than many progressive bands. This shows how the progressive style continues its popularity. Daniel Gidenlow was not an official member of this band but usually performed at shows. One of their more recent albums was the most popular. The album was called Kaleidoscope and won Album of the Year at the third annual Progressive Music Awards.

10. Gong

This band is a Franco-British progressive group and are widely known through the genre for their unique sounds. They use jazz and classical music influences to create their progressive sound and had gained much popularity from it. By 1970, they had changed their sound a bit, surprising fans with a wonderful psychedelic rock in their album Magik Brother. Pierre Moerlen took over the band in 1976 as their fame grew, releasing jazz rock albums along the way.

9. Riverside

This band is from Warsaw, Poland and was established in 2001. The members loved the style of progressive rock and wanted to continue that into their music. The members consisted of Piotr Grudzinski, Piotr Kozieradzki, Mariusz Duda, and Jacek Melnicki. Their music mixed metal sounds with progressive and has been thought to sound similar to Pink Floyd, Tool, and Porcupine Tree. With this in mind, fans knew they had their own style that differentiated them from the group of bands in progressive music.

8. Radiohead

Another great sounding progressive group, this English band formed in 1985 in Abington, Oxfordshire. Jonny Greenwood, Thom Yorke, Phil Selway, Ed O’Brien, and Colin Greenwood. Their most popular albums consist of Creep (1992), Pablo Honey (1993), The Bends (1995). Their albums received great credibility by fans. They continued to create other hit albums, OK Computer being one of the most famous albums they released in the 90’s.

7. Cynic

This progressive rock band was one of the most popular American groups as they experimented with their sounds. The band formed in Miami, Florida and now resides in Los Angelos, California. They featured progressive metal music that propelled them to popularity among fans. They released their first album, Focus, in 1993 and stated their widely known popularity. It is not completely known by the band members if they are disbanded, but they released an album in 2014 Kindly Bent to Free Us.

6. Can

Can was a progressive band that originated from Germany. Thy formed in Cologne, West Germany in 1968. They were well known for their unique style that incorporated many influences. These influences consisted of jazz, funk, and psychedelic sounds that made for spontaneous elements in their music. This aspect of their sound drew fans in and their popularity grew with the commercial success they achieved. The single I Want More was among their popular releases and their album Monster Movie that was released in 1969 also gained fan credibility.

5. Crack The Sky

This American progressive band was formed in Weirton, West Virginia at the beginning of the 1970’s. By 1975, they had grabbed the attention of many new fans as Rolling Stone Magazine said their album was debut album of the year. This made their music more known and shows what type of talent they had with their first album. The band released Dog City in 1990 and Cut in 1999. They still perform today occasionally for their fans as they still maintain great popularity.

4. Soft Machine

This English progressive rock band has many fans for its unique style. They originated from Canterbury, England. They were named after a novel The Soft Machine by William S. Burroughs. Most of their credibility come from their influential stance in the music era of the progressive style. They did not get much commercial success widely but they had much popularity in the Canterberry scene.

3. The Alan Parsons Project

The Alan Parsons Project was a progressive rock band. The band officially formed in 1975 and had great influences on the progressive music era. Alan Parsons did have a solo career where he released albums such as The Time Machina and A Valid Path, but the band performed greatly together. The band did play together with talented musicians promoting their progressive sounds but the main attraction was Alan Parsons and Eric Woolfson.

2. Supertramp

Supertramp was another influential progressive rock leader when the music genre first escalated to new heights. The band itself formed in 1969 as Daddy. They then changed their name in the early 1970’s to Supertramp and had created a great following. They took to progressive rock in the beginning of their career and then added other influences for a newer sound. This included art rock, pop, and traditional rock made their own unique fan base. By the mid-1970’s is when they were more commercially known, thanks to this new style that they had created in the progressive rock section. They still upheld their own styles but were now heard by more listeners thanks to their commercial success. They had the most fame in 1979 when they released Breakfast in America. This success brought them more than 20 million copies of albums sold. Their success shows their great talent in the music world.

1. Spock’s Beard

Spock’s Beard was formed in 1992. The Los Angelos band collaborated by brothers Neal and Alan Morse. Neal was considered the lead vocalist and also had the keyboards. He also was the main songwriter for the band. Alan had played the electric guitar. Their sound did consist of progressive rock but they also had been influenced by pop sounds. Neal later went on to promote his solo career in 2002.

These bands all had some type of influence on progressive sounds through time and had accomplished many new sounds through the musical genre.

What is Progressive Rock?

progressive rock montage

Some people enjoy all kinds of different music. The type of genre of music, however, depends on an individual’s taste and interest. Today, people can listen to a wide variety of different music online and via the technology that they have access to. From listening to music on their computers in their office or playing musical selections in their car on the way to work, people can pick and choose where the music that they listen to on a regular basis will actually come from. When an individual wants to know a little about the history of the music and where it came from, they may want to search various sites online to see what they may discover. Fortunately, there is a wealth of information about various music genres that people have listened to over the years and it can be used for different purposes and reasons.

To that end, for those of you who are interested in information about rock, there are sites online that’s dedicated to this topic. When doing the research, however, it is essential that people know exactly what type of rock that they are searching for because there is more than one style. One of the more notable that people like to listen to and want to know more about and where it comes from is progressive rock. So, what is progressive rock?

Progressive rock can be described as being a specific genre of music that is categorized by a combination of factors, which includes the following:

  • sacking or elimination of traditional song structure
  • odd time signatures
  • complex rhythms
  • sense of superiority over other rock styles

It is also important to note that this form or rock has not been the most popular. Probably, because there are really no restrictions or conventions in creating this kind of music and in the weird clothing worn or not worn.


If an individual is interested in playing progressive rock, one of the first things that they will need to consider is what kind of Instrumentals should be included in the creation of their music. Typically, this is one of the parts of this music that can be the most frustrating, especially because there are no specific instrumentals used in these songs. Instead, the musicians can play virtually any instrumental that they want to including those that simply showcase pure or raw talent.

How Can Progressive Rock Be Recognized

Once an individual has done their research on this type of music, they will normally find that this kind of music is very easy to recognize. This is because there is one tale tell sign that anyone who is familiar with progressive rock will recognize right away, and that is the type of pants that the artist wears. In specific, when progressive rock is being played, the lack of pants is what people will or will not see. Therefore, if an individual is confused about the type of rock that is being played, they can easily make this distinction if the group does not wear any bottoms.

How To Make Ends Meet As A Musician


You’re finally following your dream of being a musician. You may not know how fortunate you already are, since many people have no idea what their talent is, and even if they do, they aren’t pursuing it. Being a musician when you clearly love music can be a heady experience.

Then suddenly the more practical details of life come rushing in. You realize you need to know how to make ends meet as a musician; how are you going to pay those bills that keep piling up? Everyone has that worry, but a freelancer in any field worries about it more, because the gigs you get can be short-term. Your pay goes up and down from week to week.

In this sporadic, day-to-day lifestyle, it’s important to provide structure that will give you some continuity in spite of the craziness of your craft. After all, you have to be able to support yourself. Musicians who don’t make any pay are pursuing a hobby, not a profession. Here are some practical tips for how to put some balance in your daily budget.

Day Job, Night Job

A good friend of mine is a licensed New Jersey heating and air conditioning technician by day, and a drummer at night. There are plenty of local venues for him to to play with his band, and his trade job, which is always in demand, puts money in his pocket.

Get To Know Your Local Area

Wherever you live, you probably have a lot of shows going on in your local area. Many of them are free or nearly free, because they are hosted by public centers where local artists are having jam sessions. These are great places to go as a musician. You can get to know the local talent and pick up new ideas for music.

Look Your Expenses In The Eye

It doesn’t make sense to live in a dream world about your expenses. Running up charges on your credit card isn’t the answer, either; at the end of the day you still have to pay those mounting credit card bills. What you need to do is to assess your current assets and expenses with brass tacks reality. How much does it cost to maintain your current living situation? Figure out an average of what you are paying per month in food, rent, utilities, and other daily essentials, and write it down.

Add to this all of your business expenses. How much does it really cost to run your business, with musical equipment, advertising, travel, insurance, and other expenses? You may also need to sit down with an accountant at least a few times to help you figure out what you can deduct on your taxes, and what you have to pay as someone who is self-employed. Then figure out how much actual cash you have to pay those bills.

Tighten The Belt If Necessary

If you are having trouble today paying your bills, that’s a problem you have to deal with today, not with future gigs you hope to get tomorrow. Consider taking a part-time regular job with weekly income to help pay nagging bills, at least temporarily until you can get on sounder footing. You can also plan ways to reduce your expenses, such as downsizing, eliminating non-essentials, or moving in with someone else. You’ve already demonstrated your musical creativity; channel some of that creativity into getting your budget in shape.

Begin to save money on a regular basis whenever you get some income, even if it’s a small amount. Start planning for the distant future, too, by opening a retirement account.

Always Be Planning For Your Next Gig

When you’re self-employed, it’s very important never to get too comfortable. A gig comes in where you’re making a lot of money, and suddenly you get complacent. Unfortunately, the life of a musician is often feast or famine.

You should always be marketing yourself and your brand. Always be planning ways to get the next gig, even though the one you’ve got looks promising.

You should also re-assess the way you are marketing yourself on a regular basis. Are you keeping up with modern trends in your music? Are there new skills you can learn that will enhance your abilities? Are you asking for enough pay commensurate with your talent? That is the way to provide your own sense of security in a profession where it sometimes is missing.

Network With Other Musicians

Networking is a proven way to increase income in the freelancing world. For one thing, when you network with other musicians, you have a chance to hear from them what works and what doesn’t. Ideas are floated around in a group, along with possible job sources.

For another thing, musicians who network can help each other out in ways that end up saving money. Suppose you are looking for music lessons to refine your talent. You can barter your services to someone you know in the group in exchange for the lessons you want. What you can barter in exchange for other things you want can be almost anything. You don’t have to limit it only to music.

You should also be looking around for local gigs. Look for ways to add to your income by performing for tips, playing at local clubs and restaurants, being a DJ, or teaching music lessons to children.
It’s possible to get yourself to the point in your music that you’re not holding your breath every time the mail comes. The key to knowing how to make ends meet as a musician is to approach your finances in the same way you approach your music; with intense dedication rooted in the realities of daily life.

Progressive Rock in ’70s

Rush in the 70s

wThe 1970’s is widely regarded as being one of the best decades for music in general, particularly for rock music. The fans of twentieth century music like to talk about how most of the music of the century will fail to live up to what the average musician was doing during the 1970’s. The 1970’s was a very innovative time for film and for music in general after the cultural upheaval of the 1960’s, and people were still in the process of experimenting with all sorts of new forms and new sounds before the backlash came in the 1980’s. The 1990’s represented a return to form in that regard, but many people believe that the music of that decade still does not compare to some of the best 1970’s music. Progressive rock in ’70s helped set the stage for a lot of the greatest music that would appear on the scene later on, and it is still gaining fans today.

One of the reasons why Progressive Rock has such a great reputation among the fans of rock music in general is the simple fact that this was music that was partly designed to redeem the image of rock and roll in the first place. This is an extremely dated opinion today, but many people during this time period regarded rock music as being inherently inferior or lowbrow. Being a highbrow musician at the time and liking rock music was practically an act of treason for many people, particularly for the older generation. The music from this time period is now regarded as being highbrow, and this is partly because of the cultural changes that the Progressive Rock musicians of the day were able to bring about at the time.

A lot of Progressive Rock from this time period was riddled with the sort of political messages that managed to give the music some more credibility, even though the messages were expressed in ways that were very different from the ‘hippie’ music of the 1960’s. The composition of Progressive Rock was more sophisticated than the composition of lots of the popular music of the time, especially disco. Many people who were fans of jazz and classical were able to access this type of rock music more effectively than they could with other types of rock music, which lent Progressive Rock more respect in its own right.

Jazz and classical music were looked down upon in their own days, of course, and they have only been considered the pinnacle of high culture relatively recently. Progressive Rock has managed to elevate the opinion of rock music, and many people now consider it hugely superior to pop music and similar types of modern music. Rock music has undergone a similar trajectory, which manages to speak to the credibility of the weird status games that musicians and music fans play in the first place. Progressive Rock is great music and people love it for a reason. However, not everyone loves it for the right reasons today.

10 Great Progressive Rock Bands

With musical talent, rock bands tour all over to entertain their admiring fans. It is difficult to maintain a great fan base and by proving great skills, musicians can thrive. Progressive Rock, also known a prog rock, has entertained many and continues to today. This style of rock was first created and demonstrated in the United Kingdom. As the popularity of this style of entertainment grew, it was then adopted by Italy, France, and Germany, and now holds a lot of talented bands that produced the music. All of this progression was done throughout was done through the mid to late 60’s, as the popularity grew to different countries. As it was created it gained popularity quickly and now old and new fans can enjoy this music in every generation.

10. Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant is a great progressive rock band. They performed between 1970 and 1980. This Britsh progressive rock band was known for their innovative style of the music genre and appealed to many fans. Many would say they took a different outlook while still staying in the progressive rock lane of music. They made their music unique by using other inspirations in their music such as classical music, jazz, and folk. This combination created a new sound that attracted audiences to their new progressive sound. By 2015, they were recognized for their musical talent by receiving the lifetime achievement award at the Progressive Music Awards.

9. Porcupine Tree

This band was another great progressive style group of artists that created their own style with the music genre. The English band consisted of Steve Wilson, Richard Barbieri, Colin Edwin, and Gavin Harrison. Their past member was Chris Maitland. They focussed on progressive metal through most of their career and did so with a great following. The band itself was formed by Steve Wilson in 1987, but he did want a solo project. As their popularity grew, the band played together, this occurred in 1993. Steve Wilson was basically the leader in vocals and guitar. Their music changed directly to the progressive metal sound by 200 when they were signed. Before this, their sound was still unique by incorporating psychedelic rock. The band isn’t considered broken up but they have reached out for solo careers.

8. Tool

A great progressive band, they collaborated in Los Angelos, California. This all occurred in 1990, as the guitarist is Adam Jones, vocalist Maynard James Keenan, and the drummer Danny Carey. The band has since had more original members but as a whole, their music captivated many. This was easily shown as they won three Grammy Awards. TAs their fan base grew, they needed to tour the world and share their talents with fans.

7. Emerson, Lake & Palmer

This progressive rock band was formed in London. They started in 1970 and had created a great fan base. The group held talents such as drummer and percussionist Carl Palmer and keyboardist Keith Emerson. The group was signed to Atlantic Records after a great performance at Isle of Wight Festival in 1970. This shows how talented they were as they were signed their first year of performing. Thy went on to create wonderful music, their most popular, Trilogy in 1972, Tarkus in 1971, and Lake & Palmer as soon as they gained popularity in 1970. The band stopped playing together in 1979.

6. Rush


This band has a long history and originated from Canada. They collaborated in August 1968. The band has talented members that help to create the great sound they perform. Geddy Lee was the lead vocalist and also plays keyboard and bass. The lyricist, drummer, and percussionist was Neil Peart and Alex Lifeson guitarist and backing vocalist. They all host a great number of talent and their versatility within the band helped their popularity. This band was altered many times with its members through the years but still maintained their musical fans. The band received seven Grammy award nominations but weren’t awarded. Still, they maintain a great fan base.

5. Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd was one of the most popular progressive bands. They formed for in London and played progressive psychedelic styled music. The were widely known their performances, as they had experimented with many sounds that astonished their audiences and made fans crowd concerts. They became so successful because of this and commercialized their great sounds to nations. The band gained popularity by performing in London’s underground music scene. This was done in the late 1960’s and progressive music began gaining great popularity. One of their most successful albums was The Piper at the Gates of Dawn.

4. King Crimson

This English rock band collaborated in 1968 in London and had gained much popularity in the progressive seen. This band probably had the most alterations, as they have had 21 musicians play, giving off great talent. Robert Fripp was the only consistent member of the musical club. Their most successful album was in 1969, it consisted of classical, experimental, and jazz influences. The album, In the Court of the Crimson King, earned them most of their popularity.

3. Genesis

This English rock band formed at a Charterhouse School. This took place in Godalming, Surrey in 1967. At the start of the progressive music era, they became great successes with their music. Guitarist Mike Rutherford, singer Phil Collins, and keyboardist Tony Banks created wonderful music that would make their popularity skyrocket. This team showed great success as their sales speak of this. Worldwide they have an estimated amount of sales between 100 to 130 million.

2. Jethro Tull

Jethro Tull
This was a Britsh formed progressive rock band that collaborated in Luton, Bedfordshire in 1967. They had started off on a different note, though, as the played blues rock. They later added their own twist, that created new sounds in progressive styled music. Their greatest success was in 1969. Over their career, they sold 60 million albums worldwide, consisting of 11 gold and 5 platinum. Ian Anderson was a vocalist, along with bassist Glenn Cornick, and drummer Clive Bunker to name some of the talents that created this great music for fans.

1. Yes

This progressive band had a great number of fans. They formed in 1968 and had many alterations to the player. The most current members consisted of keyboardist Geoff Downes, guitarist Steve Howe, singer Jon Davison, drummer Alan White, and bass guitarist Billy Sherwood. Their major success was in the 1970’s. Nine of their ten albums was in the top ten in both Uk and US. They sold 13.5 units in the US alone.

All of these bands were great influences for the progressive music genre.

3 Progressive Rock Venues

Progressive Rock can be described as a form of rock music that has evolved in the late 1960s and 70s. People that enjoy that type of music will often consider it as being a new level of artistic form that is derived from the rock music genre. Progressive rock goes well beyond the standard forms of popular verse-chorus centered song structures because this style to another level. The arrangements that these musicians make are collected from various elements of world, classical, and jazz music. The lyrics that the musicians use are often from conceptual, abstract, and fantasy. This type of rock band are also known for making up a specific theme that they sing their collected songs and melodies by.

One of its primary characteristics involve a wide range of things including featuring progressive rock bands that have adopted new electronic musical instruments and the use of other creative innovations in technology. For instance, many of the progressive rock groups are well known for using the Mellotron in their concerts, which can be described as an electro mechanical polyphonic keyboard. in fact, this particular instrument became known as one of their iconic symbols in the 60s and 70s. With this being said, it is also essential to know that there are different types of progressive venues, and three of the more notable are listed below.

1. Crossover Progressive

Crossover Progressive can be described as a musical connection that’s popular for exhibiting a fairly high degree of sophistication. This is because the composers are known for producing complex musical selections that’s derived from various concepts like virtuosity. For instance, the music that’s produced include the use of syntheisizers, intelligent thematics, and other types of technologies. One of its defining characteristics is the crossover of pop music that influences the music that its audiences hears.

2. Eclectic Progressive

The term ‘eclectic’ can best be described as the context of progressive rock, especially since it is a summation of elements from a variety of different kinds of musical sources. This kinds of music included in this venue is also influenced by numerous things including the career paths that many of the bands took during that time. In fact, some people described this music as the type of the music that actually trespassed the different boundaries that were previously established by Progressive Rock and its many venues. Musicians that played it also listened to others compositions to determine if there were other blends that could be used to write their songs.

3. Experimental/Post Metal

In addition to crossover progressive and eclectic progressive progressive music, it is also important to recognize there are other styles of rock music that entered the picture during a specific times in the 60’s and 70s. This is because the music that was produced could be described as being swayed by certain types of culture, especially those that took on an experimental progressive metal tone. This music can also be characterized by an incorporation of a diversity of styles including those that can be grouped as innovative, eclectic, large-scale non-standard as well as unconventional sounds.

A Brief Summary of the North East Art Rock Festival


It’s not uncommon for entire families to get together to attend their favorite music festivals. In fact, the music festivals that they attend may be in their home town or across the globe. It does not matter the time or the place, many music fans will do whatever it takes to be one of the faces in the crowd of their favorite celebrity music stars events. In some cases, the family may spend a little on the road driving or in the air flying on the airplane so they will need to prepare everyone in advance. So, before an individual or the family gets ready for their next music festivals, there are few things that they may want to know. One of the more common questions is what happened at the last show and who was there, especially if they want to know what occurred at music festivals like the North East Art Rock Festival (or NEARfest for short).

To that end, some of the highlights of this type of event can better be described as a multi-day event celebrating, specifically those that features various kinds of groups in the resurgence of progressive and eclectic music. Most of the music that was featured in this type of festival came from the United States as well as around the world. According to various reliable news resources, this event had been held on an annual basis in early summer in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The location for this event was situated approximately one hour north of Philadelphia, which is also between one to two hours west of New York City.

Further, if an individual would like to know more about its background and when it was founded, they may find this information on various sites that discuss numerous topics about this annual event. In specific, this festival was founded by Robert LaDuca and Chad Hutchinson in the spring of 1998. However, the first event actually occurred in the year 1999 after a year of advertising it around the globe. Getting the crowd numbers together for these festival activities was not really difficult, especially because it quickly became one of the most prestigious places to be during that time.
As with any annual music festival, people came from everywhere to become apart of these activities. Music artists that were invited to perform could graciously accept the invite because this event drew in sell out crowds. Over the years, the crowd numbers, however, begin to drop substantially and the event was eventually cancelled due to insufficient sales in 2011.

With so many different types of fun and popular music festivals available today, people usually come from everywhere across the globe to see their favorite entertainers. While some of the festivals are more popular than others, some of them have been big hits, especially those that sponsor annual activities. One of the more notable in the past was theNorth East Art Rock Festival, which was started by Robert DaLuca and Chad Hutchinson in the year 1998. Over the years, they experienced great success with sell out crowds, until the crowds begin to lessen with insufficient ticket sells in the year 2011.

3 Great Progressive Rock Festivals and Events

A rock festival is an event that features multiple acts performing a diverse range of popular music which among others include rock music. Rock festivals are often held outdoors in open field and usually attract very large crowds and most often they last for two or more days. They are events that you just don’t want to miss since they are very entertaining.

Progress rock festivals and events are one of the greatest unforgetable enteratianment experinces of all time. They are a great way of recreating , refreshing and unwinding. These events can happen through being there on a live performance which is the most brilliant experience or by watching it on TV as it happens live. Most of the time these grand festivals are arranged to happen around across different prominent cities thus bringing the experience closer to the fun in every city.
The progress rock festival are primary put together by company that selects the best rock band and nominates them for the events. The rock band get the advantage of going round the world in the prominent cities And doing live performances for the rock fans. The organisers of the progressive rock festivals and events are tasked with the duty of finding the most appropriate venue to have the live concerts.

Sometime rock bands can choose to have their own festivals and event performance but the advantage of perfoming in a pre planned Progressive rock event is that fans enjoy more given its is an assorted perfomance with diffeent bands playing. Here are the best great rock festivals and events that you should not miss.

Fourplay Rock Festival

four play rock festival

This event will feature 4 great prog rock bands on a venue that has a large concert hall which will ensure many people are accommodated. There are also accommodation facilities around the venue hence you don’t have to worry about getting to the venue on an earlier date in preparation for the event. The four prog rock bands that will perform include Kindred Spirit, Spriggan Mist, the Quiet Wish and the Far Meadow which will ensure that your experience will be an exceptional one. It will start on 9th April 2016 and end on the same day.

Promethean Waltz by ponytrap

This event was one of its kinds, the artists in this band are just amazing and the band portrays artistry in its true sense. The band believes that progressive rock has more to offer. They ensure that the harmonic and melodic aspects of rock music are developed to bring out the real art and make their events so interesting. They have an array of custom-built machines that ensure the music goes just well. This event was such a success and I would say congratulations to all the performers.

Symphony X


This band was formed in 1994 and it hails from New Jersey. The band has recorded various albums and is still working hard to release new music and tours. It does music with instruments that will truly bring out the art of progressive rock. The band also uses heavy influences of Iron Maiden along with progressive rock to bring out the best.